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Background of Jay Peck

Year 2012, fresh out of Singapore National Service (NS), Jay Peck started working in the airline industry to serve clients of various profiles; from the mass market to the business and luxury segment. In the following year, Jay Peck purchased his first investment property in the Jurong Lake District, Singapore's designated Second Central Business District (2nd CBD)

Investment Challenges

During the housing purchase journey, it was difficult to get timely and first-hand information to make important housing decisions. Furthermore, if there were any sales transacted in a particular condominium, the actual information will only be shown and reflected the next 4 weeks later.

These frustrations and inadequate feelings evolved to a strong interest in properties, and he researched more into the real estate segments.


Entering the Real Estate Industry

After working a few years with the airline, Jay took a leap of faith and joined the real estate industry in 2017, as he was still deeply curious about properties. He concluded that since property occupies a big financial sum in everyone's lives, he should learn the ins-and-outs of property market itself.

He also seek to acquire skills to be able to identify and get the best possible property deals to boost his wealth too.

In his first year as a real estate consultant, Jay clocked in a healthy six-figure income and was awarded the Best Rookie in his entire division. The many transactions gave Jay Peck the experience and chance to understand the many viewpoints of sellers and buyers, as well as how the housing market behaved and functioned.


Jay Peck cashed out his first property and upgraded to another investment property in the Bugis Core Central Area. This property currently generates 10.28% nett returns on downpayment with a nett positive cashflow of $944.

He has also improved his immediate family property portfolio including:

Decoupling immediate family member from a condominium unit and using that 1 name to purchase another condominium with expected 5.52% returns on down payment, positive cashflow.

Upgrading another close family member HDB flat to 2 different condominiums, one for family stay, and the other unit for investment.

Purchasing an overseas freehold investment property located in the prime shopping zone, with limited land supply for housing at that particular locale,  in a city with massive business activity and tourism.

What Jay offers to YOU!

Jay Peck is known for not being pushy in sales,  because he believes that clients and friends will make the right decision themselves, after listening to Jay's analysis and proposed options.

He is very good with being thorough about the financial calculations, costs and affordability. He presents information and thinks as though like it is for his own purchase.

In addition, Jay is able to explain the market outlook and direction,  available and upcoming housing supply, as well as current and forecasted demand.

These skills and foresight allows Jay to formulate and customize personalized planning options for each client. Many have benefitted from the free consultation

"It is okay not to do anything to our property, but we must at least know what is going on in the market...So that after many years later, when we finally make the decision, at least we do not regret because we choose to ignore what was happening during the past years."


Property Owners

  • How is my property doing currently? Am I actually earning money from it?

  • And how will my prices behave in the FUTURE?

  • Does this property help to achieve my goals? Or how can I formulate a roadmap to achieve my dreams and financial targets?

Investing Related

  • What kind of property should I be looking at?

  • Rental yield or capital appreciation suites me more?

  • How to spot a price to enter?

  • How to navigate a booming market if I'm looking to buy?



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