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While doing so, these families:

1) Still have leftover money, after selling and buying house


2) Did not use extra cash from their pocket at all

3) Pay monthly installment using just CPF


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Case Study: Upgrade HDB resale 5rm to Resale Condominium

Mr Mani and family had been staying in their 5rm resale HDB for about 10 years. They are aware that HDB buyers are very sensitive to the remaining lease of the HDB house, therefore they already had plans all along to sell this HDB and switch to something newer or a condominium

The previously tried to sell their resale HDB in 2017 2018 with another agent but they could not get a good price due to several reasons.

After a discussion with them, they decided to trust us and give us a chance. Before even marketing their resale HDB, we brought them to view houses first, so that they can see which houses suit them and what is the market like (at that point of time in 2021).

After viewing houses, they decided to go ahead with the move. We sold their resale HDB in 1 day, and at record price. The process is smooth and yet fast.


We also managed to secure a resale condo at a good location for them. With this move, we planned for them to set aside some monies from their resale HDB profit.


This monies can allow them to renovate the house, pay for the condo installments and also helps them for downpayment if they choose to buy a second property.

Case Study: Upgrade HDB 4rm to HDB EA

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Jerrick and Aisha stay in a BTO 4rm. They have a growing family and currently have 2 kids, with 1 more due to be born as well.

They have decided to move on from their current BTO to a 5rm, so as to provide a bigger space for their kids to play and grow up in.

After a detailed consultation with us, Jerrick and Aisha decided to upgrade to a HDB Executive Apartment with 4 bedrooms, balcony, huge living room, service yard and storeroom

They chose to take a bank loan due to lower interest rate, with monthly installment fully paid by their cpf!

On top of that, after buying and selling, they still have extra Cash and CPF to keep due to their BTO profit!! This extra cash cpf can be used for renovation or rainy days, like to help with the monthly installment in case of emergencies

Case Study: Upgrade HDB 5rm to New 3 Bedroom Condo


R and M have been staying in their 5rm BTO for more than 15 years. They were planning to move to a HDB Maisonette to provide a big and comfortable space for their family

After a detailed consultation with us, we determined that a brand new condominium could better protect their hard earned housing monies.


They did not have to renovate the condominium much, because it was new and it already came with new cooker hood hob, new air conditioners, new refrigerator, wardobes and cabinets. The simplest thing is just to install the lightings and do the curtains.

In addition, the facilities in the condominum provided a nice play and relax environment for their children!

With this move, we planned an extra reserve funds of more than $200,000 cash cpf for them. This is done due to using the BTO profit (Not touching savings). This reserve funds from their BTO profit can also help with the monthly installment.

Their new condominium could potentially enjoy extra capital gains also! A win win scenario

Case Study: Sell BTO 4rm and fully pay next resale HDB

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Poon and family stay in a BTO 4rm and they have 2 children. As Poon is getting quite old, he wanted to have a more comfortable financial situation.

We adviced Poon to switch to an older resale HDB and fully paid for it, using the proceeds from his current BTO.

For Poon, we feel that it is okay to go for a bigger sized resale HDB unit that is of a older lease, because he does not have intention to sell his next house anymore

He no longer has to worry about housing loan as the next house is fully paid, and on top of that he also has extra monies from this sale to help with his retirement fund :)

Case Study: Wanted to buy 2nd property, but instead sold resale 4rm HDB and upgraded to resale Condo


Mr P and Family had plans to keep their 4rm resale HDB and buy a condominium as second property. This second property is for investment and retirement planning.

They were thinking of renting out their HDB and stay in the condominium next time.
When they retire, both properties will be fully paid and they will get constant rental income stream.

During out consultation, we went through the numbers and worked out that it would make a better choice to sell their resale HDB and upgrade to a Condo first.


This is because they still have existing home loan for their HDB, so if they buy the second property, bank will only loan 55% of the condo price..Meaning a downpayment requirement of 45%.


Secondly, they will have to pay additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) tax of 12%. So it is quite financially heavy to do so. 


Therefore we suggest to sell their HDB at a good price, and buy the condo using 1 name first.


In future the other name can be used to buy another property without the additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) tax, and use less downpayment because the other name can get full loan.


​We planned and executed a successful and smooth move to a resale condo :)​ This picture is the day we went to HDB for their resale completion.

Case Study: HDB price was going down at that time, decided to cut loss and move to Private Condominium instead


In this picture, we are collecting the documents on behalf on Ms S as she was working that day.

Ms S bought a ground floor resale HDB 7 years ago and had plans to move to another resale HDB.


After a consultation and analysis on her location, based on the upcoming BTO supply and HDB resale demand (at that point of time), she concluded that buying another resale HDB in the area is not very helpful to protect her CPF and cash used into property. Yes, BTO supply affects your prices too.

We went through and analyzed several options before she decided to go for a brand new Condominium near her workplace, where she can save travelling time everyday and she may not even need to use her car anymore!

With this purchase, we adviced Ms S to set aside enough CPF reserve funds (from the sale of the resale HDB) and she does not have to worry about the installment for almost 10 years even if she changes her job.

To put it in today's perspective, her HDB resale unit might have appreciated in price, but the new condominium that she bought had increased in price even more.


Looking at it now, she still gained more by switching to that private property.

Case Study: Upgraded from 5rm BTO to 3bedroom New Condominium at the VVIP launch


N and A secured a good price for this new condominum at VIP launch! This is the day we went and successfully got the unit of their choice! 

After a thorough calculation and analysis, we determined that they could upgrade to a Brand New 3 Bedroom Condominium without touching their cash savings at all.


We also got a good price for selling their 5rm BTO :)

Currently, they are renting and awaiting to collect their keys to the new house! During the VIP launch until now, the developer sold the other remaining units at much higher prices.


This ensures that N & A are fully protected in their house pricing. In fact, this means that they will be able to sell their condominium at a good profit! This makes their current rental transition period worth it.

Because the potential profits that they can get (after deducting their rental cost during this phase) will be a very good amount of profit.


That is why some buyers are willing to wait for a new condo and rent as the profit can easily offset their rental costs.


They also do not have to pay any maintenance fees or property taxes during this condominum building construction phase. The monthly installment during the construction phase is very manageable (fully payable by CPF) and after paying, they will still have excess CPF OA that can grow in their CPF accounts.